PCX Internet Mail

If you are experiencing issues with PCXInternet e-mail, please read!

For reasons beyond our control your pcxinternet.com e-mail has stopped working.

The company that we used to provide this mail service appears to have ceased trading and they are no longer responding to telephone calls or e-mail.

We can’t say for definite but it seems likely that the failure of pcxinternet.com is related to the demise of this company, 186K from Leeds. We were given no warning of this failure, in fact they took payment from us for renewing the service after they ceased trading.

You should be aware that any mail sent to your pcxinternet.com address has not been delivered and may be irretrievably lost.

I am working hard to try and retrieve the pcxinternet.com domain name from 186K with the hope that I can re-establish the mail service but this is likely to take some time.

I’m sorry for any inconvenience or problems that you may have experienced due to this failure. I’m also sorry that a service that I have provided for many years has been discontinued without my knowledge and consent.

If you need help establishing a new e-mail address, please get in touch via the website.

Please note that the PCXInternet e-mail service is provided free-of-charge and absolutely as-is and without warranty of any kind to users of our broadband and other services only. It may be withdrawn at any time without prior warning and we accept no responsibility for any losses or costs that may be incurred as a result of the continued usage of this e-mail. It is only e-mail and there are plenty of other free e-mail services out there!